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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Testosterone, it is the fuel of man sex drive and to get sexual performance. But, the low testosterone reduces the ability to get satisfying sex. Because of getting the low testosterone, you get the reduced sex drive as well as erectile dysfunction. The testosterone increases your libido. The sex drive gets decline from the age of teen. The sex drive also gets effect by the sleep and bad life style. The low testosterone depends on the overall health of a man.

By the major health problems, you can get testosterone deficiency such as Diabetes, Obesity, metabolic syndrome and high blood pressure.  Low testosterone has the connection with major health conditions such as Obese men face low testosterone,  diabetes men gets low testosterone and high blood pressure men face low testosterone. The other medical problems and poor general health can also develop the low testosterone.

Those individuals who have the health problems such as diabetes, they should take advantage of exercise.  The exercise becomes beneficial to enhance the Low testosterone. The man who has the low testosterone, the man gets more increase in diabetes. Usually, the Testosterone assists tissues of body for getting more blood sugar by the assistance of Insulin.  The man who has low testosterone that particular man needs to attain more insulin for the purpose to attain blood sugar normal. For getting the sex posture take advantage of xxnx.